March Digest

by in Newsletter March 9, 2020


Check out THIS ARTICLE to see how salt on the outside of facemasks is being used to kill the Corona Virus!

“Running on empty, running on, running blind, high!

Running into the sun, but I’m running behind…”

-Jackson Browne

Have you been running in circles, trying to stay safe from a pandemic virus, pollution, and the pollen of our tree friends? 

Are you feeling some anxiety about hopping onto a plane to run into the sun taking your family on vacation at the end of March? 

We suggest you first stop at our Salt of the Earth spa to help counteract the effects of all of these challenges. We recommend visiting Salt of the Earth once before you travel, and once within a day or two after your trip.

Dry salt halotherapy has been shown to greatly reduce the transmission of disease contracted in close quarters, such as an airplane.  It is a natural antiviral and antibacterial aid that gives your respiratory and immune system a boost, so you have the best chance of staying healthy this spring-break travel season. 

PLUS, our salt sessions give you a much-needed rest within the hustle and bustle of spring and travel prep, as you lay back and relax in our theater chairs, breathing in healing salt air… 

Myth-busters alert:  No airborne microbes can live within our salting rooms.  They are killed the moment the salt air touches them, so we are a transmission-free zone 🙂  Salting can be one of your best defenses against Coronavirus, as it boosts the immune system and calms your respiratory channels.  A relaxed channel is more fortified against invaders than an inflamed one! 

And remember, every day is a good day to Get Salted!  

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