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by in Newsletter June 8, 2020

So much is going on in the world right now, it’s hard to believe it’s all going on at once… 

Our hearts are filled with empathy for the folk who have been impacted by the current unrest in our country and world!

It’s hard to stay strong, but if Americans are anything it’s resilient! Pam and I will continue to pray, and offer refuge at our tranquil salt spa.

Our hope is that we come out of all of this smarter, and stronger.  A people who learn from history, and make the proper adjustments towards unity, community, and sustainability.

Speaking of community, it is delightful to see people out and about;  in cars, scooters, bikes, and on their legs! Normal life is beckoning.  But in the meantime, we are taking every precaution at Salt of the Earth to maintain a sterile environment.  We are only booking 5/10 chairs in our main salt room, and one family at a time in the Children’s Room.  

If the trees and grasses are getting you, come salt!  Or, if you are brave enough to air-travel this summer, come and see us before and after to keep yourself safe and healthy!  Or if the madness of the world is getting you down, come chill in our theater chairs!   

And for those who desire more distancing, we always have our Individual Salt Booth

COVID has hit many small businesses very hard, and we were not immune.  Please come see us so we can continue to support this lovely community with Salt Therapy!

We have lowered our prices to maintain value and consistency across our offerings…all three rooms are the same price!  

We are exclusively booking online, and are removing anything communal to aid in our best shot of being a transmission-free zone.

These days back in Boca, Pam’s doing her best artistic interpretation of  Alcatraz…she always knows what day it is, and wonders when she will ever get out!  In the meantime, she sang as a part of a nationwide Zoom concert to fundraise for a children’s cancer organization, is up on roofs and ladders, and is just generally a force of nature.  We all look forward to her return in the beginning of July! 

I have been keeping busy with my 3 kids who have just been released into the wilds of the summer, my online wellness business, and grabbing my guitar and a strummin’ and a sangin’ whenever I can.  The mountain biking trails around Boulder have called;  I answered.  I like speed; 2 boards on my feet in the winter and a carbon steed underneath me in the summer.  It’s my happy place.  I have been floored by the warm days and cool nights lately, and the indescribable sunsets.  I am reminded continually how lucky we are to live here…


Tiffany and Pam…

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